Ownership assistance

As a specialist of construction costs, as well as an expert of legal and technical standards, Asselin construction economists establishes itself as an incontrovertible assistance next to the owner. We guarantee the technical and financial feasibility of your building or renovation project, within budget.

In its missions of ownership assistance, Asselin construction economists :

Assists you in assessing the feasibility of your project
- We identify consistency between your needs and the opportunity to do so.

Assists you in the design phase of the project
- We follow up the studies and make our position known about the schedule and the costs.

Advises you during the programming phase
- We assist the owner in the setting of the operational objectives and expected performances.

Informs you about the choices of companies
- We make our position known about the specification pricing and the possible variants.

Selects with you the best designers
- We participate in development and validation of the consultation file for the designers.
- We analyze and offer a selection of applications.

assists you from the beginning to the end of your project
- We run the programme by supervising the construction work.
- We ensure a general assistance to prepare decisions to be made by the owner.